Day #2 of Keto

Officially almost done with day 2 of the Keto diet. It still feels really weird having foods that are high in fat and almost zero carbs. Bacon and eggs for breakfast always seemed like a far worse option than a bowl of cereal or a little container of Yoplait low-fat yogurt.

I don’t miss bread, pasta, rice or potatoes [yet.] But I do kind of miss Milk. I told my mom earlier that I wanted to just pour a gallon of milk over myself. At least Almond Milk is a good substitute for that weird ass craving. I also rarely ever crave sugar but instead crave various meats.

I think this is the one reason that I really wanted to try the Keto diet. I can eat the food I enjoy and I don’t really feel all that hungry afterwards.

Gone are the days of feeling guilty about a beef jerky binge.