Jimmy Dean Delights — Turkey Sausage Muffin

There’s a lot of frozen food leftover here that isn’t keto-friendly. A few Healthy Choice meals (most of them have 30g of carbs!), frozen pizzas, vegetable steamers, frozen fruits and some other miscellaneous are sitting in the basement freezer along with some Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Muffin sandwiches for breakfast. One of those Jimmy Dean sandwiches has 28g of carbs.

The really sad part is that most of the carbs from from the muffin itself. The Turkey Sausage Patty has 1g carbs, the egg white patty has 1g of carbs and the American Cheese has about 1g of carbs. ~3g of carbs right there which means the muffin is a whopping 25g of carb–more than my daily limit!

This morning we have some people coming over to install new marble counter tops, so we needed an easy breakfast aka no dirty dishes allowed! Anyway, since we have all of these frozen food items, we decided to each heat up one sandwich for breakfast this morning sans the muffin. It wasn’t too filling but it was delicious when paired with a cup of coffee with Silk’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and a packet of Stevia (actually, I think it’s another brand but it was less 0 carbs.)

I think next time I might just cook a couple of slices of bacon to go with it but was quick and easy. It’s a shame we couldn’t eat the muffin portion because I hate to waste any food but luckily my dog had a spoiled breakfast along with some squirrels. Maybe Jimmy Dean can make breading-free versions of these for people that need something on the go.