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This blog started when I first went on the Keto diet but while I stuck with the diet I just didn’t utilize this blog all that much.

Towards the end of last year I decided I wanted to finally put more effort into a recipe-centric website and as a result, I present you:

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I won’t be editing this blog (for certain now!) so head on over to my new project.


19 months of Keto and still going strong

I’ve been on Keto now for almost 20 months. It’s really hard to believe that I have stuck with this “diet” for that long. I honestly wasn’t sure it was something I would be able to stick to either as I have never truly dieted in my life. I’ve thought about it plenty of times but never really followed through after the first day.

But here I almost almost 120lbs lighter than I was when I started this small little blog up.

Egg Salad w/ Celery

Skipped breakfast today because I wasn’t too hungry for some reason. Ended up boiling some eggs to make egg salad for lunch. Used three and a half eggs and some Mayonnaise. I haven’t made any of the “Oopsie bread” yet that I have a recipe for, so I grabbed two stalks of celery so I had something to eat the salad with. Wasn’t too bad but I feel a little bloated right now. Might have been the Diet Sierra Mist I had. I haven’t really had pop in a month and a week, so it could be the carbonation.

Too many eggs this week. So for the next few days I’m going to ignore tuna fish and eggs. I want some steak and pork instead!

Simple dinner tonight

I wasn’t really in the mood to cook anything “extravagant.” We’re out of baby Spinach leaves and regular tossed lettuce, so making a quick salad was out of the picture. I’ve had tuna two days in a row and I just didn’t want to get tired of tuna this early in my keto diet. We have had some Chicken thighs in the fridge for a few days so I figured I might as well cook one up. It was either that or nuke a Turkey burger and that just didn’t seem appetizing at the time.

Slathered the chicken thigh with cajun seasoning and some of JD’s Peppered Bacon Salt and cooked the thigh in a couple tablespoons of butter. Since I already scarfed down an avocado for lunch, I didn’t really have any other vegetables to add with the thigh so I boiled three eggs with it.

Fortunately, between the deliciously fatty skin and juicy meat, I only finished two of the boiled eggs. Was surprised because the portion felt really small but man, the skin alone from the thigh was starting to fill me up. I think what’s also helping a lot to curb my desire to stuff my face is that I have been drinking more water than I am used to. It’s really helping to fill me up so I have less desire to eat since I already feel partially full from that.

Next week I really do want to make actual meals that don’t consist of lettuce, tuna, ranch dressing and pepperoni. Might try the Gluten-free Crab Rangoons and Cheese Crust Pizza.

Oh, also I tried out some Redditor’s tip on a quick and filling ‘desert snack.’ 1 TBSP Peanut Butter and 1oz cream cheese mixed together. It was so rich and creamy that it took me ~30 minutes to eat the succulent glob of heaven.

Jimmy Dean Delights — Turkey Sausage Muffin

There’s a lot of frozen food leftover here that isn’t keto-friendly. A few Healthy Choice meals (most of them have 30g of carbs!), frozen pizzas, vegetable steamers, frozen fruits and some other miscellaneous are sitting in the basement freezer along with some Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Muffin sandwiches for breakfast. One of those Jimmy Dean sandwiches has 28g of carbs.

The really sad part is that most of the carbs from from the muffin itself. The Turkey Sausage Patty has 1g carbs, the egg white patty has 1g of carbs and the American Cheese has about 1g of carbs. ~3g of carbs right there which means the muffin is a whopping 25g of carb–more than my daily limit!

This morning we have some people coming over to install new marble counter tops, so we needed an easy breakfast aka no dirty dishes allowed! Anyway, since we have all of these frozen food items, we decided to each heat up one sandwich for breakfast this morning sans the muffin. It wasn’t too filling but it was delicious when paired with a cup of coffee with Silk’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and a packet of Stevia (actually, I think it’s another brand but it was less 0 carbs.)

I think next time I might just cook a couple of slices of bacon to go with it but was quick and easy. It’s a shame we couldn’t eat the muffin portion because I hate to waste any food but luckily my dog had a spoiled breakfast along with some squirrels. Maybe Jimmy Dean can make breading-free versions of these for people that need something on the go.

Day #2 of Keto

Officially almost done with day 2 of the Keto diet. It still feels really weird having foods that are high in fat and almost zero carbs. Bacon and eggs for breakfast always seemed like a far worse option than a bowl of cereal or a little container of Yoplait low-fat yogurt.

I don’t miss bread, pasta, rice or potatoes [yet.] But I do kind of miss Milk. I told my mom earlier that I wanted to just pour a gallon of milk over myself. At least Almond Milk is a good substitute for that weird ass craving. I also rarely ever crave sugar but instead crave various meats.

I think this is the one reason that I really wanted to try the Keto diet. I can eat the food I enjoy and I don’t really feel all that hungry afterwards.

Gone are the days of feeling guilty about a beef jerky binge.